Christmas time!

Well nearly…

Today I had an amazing charity shop find..


It’s a tiny Christmas tree!

In my excitement I was inspired to make a Christmas themed post to show some of my previous Xmas card designs. Whether I’ll do any new designs this year is yet to be seen, mostly it will depend if I can fit it in my busy schedule of being unemployed, sorting the house and generally socialising (also I am working on a secret project).

Anyway here is 2011’s christmas card…


Rather than doing lots of different designs I opted for one design with 3 different coloured versions. Above is the blue version, there were also pink and green versions. I liked how all the different snowmen had their own quirks and personalities. There is still one snowman to be left to be made and you can work out a bit about his personality and imagine how he’ll look from the items waiting ready to build him.

I also made a few gift tags that I used on presents last year.

My favourite is the guy with the saucepan on his head

They looked really good tied on with string onto presents wrapped in brown paper. The tricky part was getting the holes central is I only had a standard hole punch rather than a single puncher – I think I might invest this year.


The First Post

After lots of lovely compliments on my wedding invites and some husbandly encouragement from Jamie I thought I’d finally go ahead and put some time into making a little website to keep a record of the various designs and things that I’ve created/will create. I don’t have any massive ambitions for this website – but when people ask about cards or anything else I make it will be nice to have somewhere to direct them.

So to start here is a pretty montage of some fit wedding photos taken by Olly Knight so you can see some of the wedding stationery I created in the context of the wedding….

I don’t intend for all my posts to be wedding focused (so don’t worry this isn’t a wedding blog Katy) but as that’s the most recent project I’ve been working on I thought it would be a good starting point.